The One-on-One

Alchemy Journey

A 3-month transformational program for magical empaths.

Release your emotional chains and alchemize your potential! 

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Ready to step into your Power?

  • Have you been told that you are “too sensitive” or “too emotional” ?

  • Do you have a hard time setting boundaries and saying “No” to people?

  • Does your energy seem to fluctuate from highs to lows at random? 

  • Are you looking for a way to heal your anxiety/depression naturally?

  • Do you feel drained when you come home from work or socializing?

  • Do you find yourself getting into toxic relationships even if they seem great at first?

  • Are you ready to finally create a life, business, and relationships that don't leave you feeling drained, uneasy, and not good enough? 

If so, then I created this 3 month program to help you clear away any emotional and spiritual baggage, find your intuitive/psychic abilities, tune into your soul purpose, and create the type of business that not only profits, but feels good to you all around. 

This program is for you if...

  • the empath who has been feeling overwhelmed by life and looking for guidance back to inner peace

  • the spiritual millennial who wants to get paid for her creativity and "never work a day in her life"

  • the soul-seeker looking to get closer to the divine power of Nature and their Higher-Self

  • the sensitive entrepreneur who is looking for the tools to help her better manage her business, mood, and time

  • the spiritual woman who is tired of being unhappy, and ready to finally release her anxiety and/or depression

  • the modern sensitive woman looking to start her own business, find her purpose in this lifetime, and finally become self-sufficient. 


In this program I will teach you how to use your gifts to change the world, attract your tribe, protect yourself from energy vampires, develop/strengthen your intuition, discover psychic abilities, discover your spirit guides, learn how to communicate with them, and so much more. This program is everything that you will need to heal, release, and tap into your inner Boss-Witch, even (especially) as a sensitive empath.

What's Included:

We will meet over Zoom, twice a month for 3 months. You will receive recordings of each session (60-90 minutes) so that you will be able to review the content whenever you need. You will be given personalized rituals & meditations, distance reiki healing sessions, custom flower essence therapy, journaling prompts, and so much more. I created this program to give you ALL of the tools that you will need to finally show up in the world as who you are meant to be.

​What will happen in our sessions?

  • Uncover your specific brand of empathic gifts. What kind of Empath you are, and how to use this to your advantage.

  • Investigate your strengths and innate gifts, and how to better translate those gifts into your work.

  • Identify what’s been holding you back in this lifetime and other lifetimes. We will identify major struggles, where they come from, and the steps to overcome them. 

  • Learn energy protection tools and techniques to start your day "right" and be able to come home without feeling drained.

  • Shadow work: discover and heal trauma and/or any negativity from your past that you may be still holding onto. 

  • Learn how to activate your natural abundance using your own personalized manifestation rituals and practices.

  • Learn how to tune into your intuitive/psychic gifts, develop them, and nurture your physical body while doing this spiritual work 

  • Discover who your spirit guides are, and how to communicate with them directly to encourage your continued success and healing. 

  • Energy work as reiki, shamanic journeying/guided meditation, and Flower Essence therapy.

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

- The Alchemist, by Paolo Coelho

How to work with me...

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I only work with four clients at a time, so if you have been hearing the call...this is your sign to trust the Universe, and jump in.


 An investment in yourself is an investment for your future, your dreams, and your relationships.

Saying "YES!" to doing inner-work is letting the Universe know you are ready to expand and attract a better life for yourself.


"Natalie is one of the most amazing souls I’ve had the pleasure of working with.  Without her I would have still been trying to figure out why I was such an emotional sensitive person."


"Natalie is a true Goddess. She's helped me through many tough times with her services. I could never see myself going to anyone else."


Who I am as your guide...

Hi! My name is Natalie, I am a spiritual advisor, reiki master, flower essence practitioner, and holistic herbalist. I've been an intuitive and magical guide for others for 9 years, and a certified reiki energy healer for 3 years. I have my bachelors of science in alternative medicine, and I am currently evolving and growing as a priestess of the rose, moon, and earth.

My soul passion is guiding other sensitive souls back to their true Self. I help empaths and healers to feel seen, heard, and loved, so their hearts can begin to heal and the doorway to their unlimited possibilities can open. 

If you are willing to do the work, break through your emotional chains, and create that magical life that you deserve, then I can guarantee true transformation and 100% accountability from me.

Journeying through the dark can be scary, but you are not alone and I can help guide you back to the light where it is quite brilliant on the other side.