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Intuitively chosen plant magic to support you

on your magical healing journey.


The Nature Magic Box subscription is for empathic souls looking for a deeper connection with themselves, nature, and Spirit, all while bringing healing to their shadow Self and emotional body. 


I created this membership for those who are curious about flower essences but do not know where to start. Life is challenging, and sometimes we as humans feel lost, scared, hopeless, sad, confused, or worried about our current situations. Wouldn't it be nice if we had a magical potion that could just make all of that disappear?

Flower essences are like little magical potions that work on the subtle energetic body that promote emotional healing, change, and release, helping you to get back on track and receive the life you deserve. They don't give you what you want, the minute you want it like a magic jeanie, but instead help you make REAL long-lasting change by showing you that you have the power to grant your own wishes.

Every month you will receive an intuitively chosen flower essence to match the month's energy, along with an essential oil and loose herb that also matches the month's intention. With these extra items, you will receive a ritual card explaining what is in your flower essence blend and how to use it with your chosen herb and oil. Then you will be invited to journey with your flower essence on your own, or with the guided meditations provided in the Meditation Room. I will be sending you a Zoom link before each month's Dark or Full Moon for a Reiki Circle to integrate the energies of your flower essence even more. 


What are Flower Essences?

Modern flower essences are a form of homeopathic medicine developed by Dr. Edward Bach, that works on the energetic and emotional body (known as the meridians and the chakras). Flower essences were originally used by many ancient cultures by collecting the morning dew off of flowers, which were believed to carry the energetic imprint of said flower. According to these ancient cultures, dew was considered to contain the Universal Spirit or energy of the Source.

The flower essences I use are collected in a ceremonial way, by communing with each plant and it's spirit. Once permission is given from the plant's spirit, a few of the plant's flowers are gently pinched off into a crystal bowl of spring water, and then left under the sun or moon light for around 4 hours until the plant's essence is infused into the water. The plant material is then removed, and then preserved and ready to be made into flower essence formulas. My suggested dose is 3 drops, 3 times a day, under the tongue or in water. 

I use a combination of different flower essences, poison plant essences, tree essences, crystal essences and more that I made myself or received from other trusted sources.


What you'll get...

Intuitively Chosen Flower Essence

Essential Oil Sample to enhance month's intention

One vial of a magical loose herb or dried flower

Ritual Card with plant magic descriptions and uses.

Access to me, monthly moon circles, and the Meditation room to support you on your journey


Once you sign up, you will get an email from me, confirming your address and detailed information about the month's theme or intention, and how to take your flower essence.

You will get another email closer to the Dark Moon or Full Moon (depending on the energy that month), with a Zoom link to join the reiki circle. 



With this membership, you also receive 10% off all my services and readings. If you would like to learn more about my one-on-one Flower Essence Therapy, click the "see services" button for more information about it and my other offerings.