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Updated: Feb 8, 2023

The Shadow is a place of “in-between”, a place where dark and light meet. The Shadow, just like all in-between spaces, is a place of magic, transformation, and enlightenment. We all have a Shadow within us. An aspect of ourselves that we don’t like to shed much light on, that stays in the back of our mind, and our soul. But what if we worked with our Shadow, instead of hiding from it? We can unlock many abilities we never knew we had, and deepen our intuition and awareness, by healing our Shadow side. We can learn a lot about working with the Shadow from observing the cycles of the Moon.

The Moon, just like humans, lives in cycles. She shines bright and open when She is full, but also recedes into her shadow when She wanes. Pay attention to your emotions with the Moon, if you are already connected to Her, you will notice your energy wanes and waxes with Her. She shows us that it’s okay to not shine bright all the time, and that it’s okay to take a break and go within. Working with the Moon can help us face our Shadows, and transform into our true authentic Selves.

The best time to do Shadow magic is on the waning crescent, as well as the Dark Moon. During this time the Moon is reflect

ing, going within, and taking the time to recharge and renew Herself. This type of energy compliments Shadow magic, ritual magic, and meditation. If you truly want to evolve, harness your power, and increase your magic, you must be willing to face your Shadows and be prepared to go deep. The darker and deeper you go, the more magic you will unlock, and the more light you will see on the other side. However, do not push or rush this process. Be gentle with yourself and do some extra self-care afterward if needed.

The Ritual:


-A black or white candle.

-Incense or herbal bundle of choice to cleanse the space.

-Comfortable place to lay down or sit.

-A journal for recording your process and reflections.

-Crystals to help y

ou go deeper and ground.

Suggested Crystals:

-Smoky Quartz

-Black Obsidian

-Black Tourmaline

On a waning crescent or Dark Moon, set up a sacred space where you can sit or lay down comfortably. Light your candle, cleanse the space with sacred smoke of choice, and call in your guides.

You can begin by closing your eyes, taking a few deep cleansing breaths, and tune in. Release any distracting thoughts, and clear your mind so that you can have a clean slate before you start to journey into your Self and your past.

When you feel relaxed and your mind calm, bring up an early memory where you first felt hurt, betrayed, or rejected. Notice this feeling, how it changed you, and how it created fears that you still carry today. Notice how you have carried this fear into your work, your relationships, and regular interactions. Sit with this feeling, but also realize these events have shaped you and you will now be stronger and able to help others if you wish to do so.

Once you have fully immersed yourself in this memory, take some deep cleansing breaths and come back into your body into the present time.

Now, write this experience and these feelings in your journal, then take a moment, breathe, and release those feelings. You can hold your crystal of choice and ask it to transmute those fears into courage, strength, and healing. Next, write to yourself! Tap into your Higher Self, the Self that is wise, healed, and enlightened. Tell yourself all the things that you wish you were told at that time in your life. Tell her how to overcome that fear and that it no longer controls you. Tell her about the lessons you learned, and how you are stronger now because of it. You have opened a door to your soul, and are embarking on a beautiful journey to healing and transformation. Thank yourself for taking the time to reflect, and do something that nourishes your spirit, such as taking a salt bath, drinking some tea, eating healthy food, getting a massage, etc.

Do this ritual every time you feel like a new fear pops up, or emotion that you feel hasn’t been addressed. The more you reflect and go within, the more you will open yourself up to divine guidance, higher vibrations, better relationships, and even intuitive and psychic abilities.

Running away from your Shadows is running away from your Self, and running away from your wild intuitive nature. It’s time to stop running, and time to see your whole Self. Embrace the light, and the Shadow, and embrace the true nature of your being. Only then will you trust yourself enough to realize your intuitive gifts, and use them. Listen to that feeling in your gut, and in your heart. If you feel called to write, paint, sing, play an instrument, dance, or express yourself in some way, that is your intuition guiding you to put your gift out into the world. Creativity is a door to ancient wisdom and unlocking your psychic potential. Expressing yourself is a form of Shadow magic, where you are letting your Shadow come out and play, and release. Your Shadow is beautiful, don’t hide it! You’ll never know what you truly possess until you let your light and Shadow dance together in harmony.

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