The theme of this box is "Intuition - Water Magic - Siren magic"


The items are all handmade and specially picked out to help you go within, dive deep into your emotional healing, and connect with the Water spirits.


What you will receive:

1 Siren candle by Blossom & Burr.

1 Irish Moss and geranium essential oil-scented Ritual Bath Salt.

1 Rose Moon Water spray for replenishing energies from emotional turmoil and for consecrating/blessing your sacred tools.

1 Flower Essence blend for creating comfort and ease while you go within your emotional Self.

1 Kava Kava tincture you can add to teas or take before sleep. Kava Kava root is amazing at calming the nervous system and creating a euphoric state of well-being.

1 jar of "Siren Tea" herb blend to drink before meditation or sleep. I suggest drinking this before or during a ritual bath.


You will also receive information cards explaining what the herbs do and how to use each product.


10% of the proceeds are donated to Water conservation organizations.

July Magical Wellness Box "Psychic Siren"

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