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Potion sprays can be used to energetically cleanse a room, or yourself. Spray in your auric field to inhale the magical aromatherapy of essential oils and feel the power of crystal essences. 


White fir, also known as Silver fir is a protective tree that creates a circle of light for protection but also grounds the spitit and balances the mind. 


White fir is paired with lavender and eucalyptus for cleansing and calming anxious or stressed out energies. 


Spray around you and your home to clear out any negative energy or spirits. Use before and after any sort of energy work whether it's before meditation, a Reiki session, ritual, spell, etc.. or whenever someone new and unfamiliar has entered your space. 


Ingredients: Organic Sustainably harvested white fir essential oil, lavender essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil, douglas fir hydrosol, crystal quartz essence, spring water, and non-GMO alcohol. 



White Fir Potion Spray

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