The theme of this box is "Samhain - Ancestral Healing & Magic"


The items are all handmade and specially picked out to help you connect with your ancestors and the spirit realm to receive divine messages or healing.


What you will receive:

1 "Samhain" ritual candle by Blossum & Burr.

1 30ml of Ancestor Potion -rosemary, mugwort, elderberry, apple, cinnamon, dark rum, and maple syrup.

1 30ml of fresh rosemary tincture infused in dark rum to connect you with the magic of samhain and also support respiratory health.

1 Flower Essence blend to help you "cross the veil" safely and effectively.

1 jar of "Samhain Tea" to brighten the start of your day in these dark times. Made with a base of darjeeling black tea, and a warm blend of black pepper, star anise, pumpkin spice, orange peel, and cacao.

1 shungite pendulum to communicate with Spirit!

**You will also receive information cards explaining each product and how to use your pendulum.


10% of the proceeds are donated to WECAN International who are empowering indegenous women as environmental leaders.

Samhain Magical Wellness Box

$45.00 Regular Price
$38.25Sale Price