This delicious and powerful potion was brewed over one full moon cycle and infused with Reiki and with the energies of Venus and Mary Magdalene to bring you the unconditional power of love. Use this potion when you want to attract loving energies to you, whether it is to increase your self-love, attract a romantic partner, heal relationship wounds, or to help open and nourish your heart, root, and sacral chakras.



Dark Rum

Ethically-sourced local honey

Red rose petals

Hibiscus flowers


Cinnamon Chips

Cacao Nibs


To Use:

Put 1-2 dropper fulls in your mouth or in a beverage of choice. Tastes great in tea, or red wine!


**You can also put a dropper full into your ritual bath if you do not wish to ingest.


Venus Love Potion

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