The Nature Priestess

A three-month transformational program for the magical empath and spiritual entrepreneur

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Ready to step into your Power?

  • Have you been told that you are “too sensitive” or “too emotional” ?

  • Do you have a hard time setting boundaries and saying “No” to people?

  • Does your energy seem to fluctuate from highs to lows at random? 

  • Are you looking for a way to heal your anxiety/depression naturally?

  • Do you feel drained when you come home from work or socializing?

  • Do you find yourself getting into toxic relationships even if they seem great at first?

  • Are you ready to finally create a life, business, and relationships that don't leave you feeling drained, uneasy, and not good enough? 

If so, then I created this 3 month program to help you clear away any emotional and spiritual baggage, find your intuitive/psychic abilities, tune into your soul purpose, and create the type of business that not only profits, but feels good to you all around. 













In case you don't know me, I am Natalie Therese Garcia, an empath and entrepreneur stationed currently in Los Angeles. 

Ever since I can remember, I have been a sensitive empath, even though I didn't always know what that meant. As a little girl, I would cry when I failed at something, cry when I thought my family was in pain, cry for any animal I saw was in pain, and I'd even cry when I saw car exhaust polluting the air. As I got older and reached my teens, my emotions increased and began to out-weigh what my body could handle; during this time of transition, I was told that I was "too dramatic", "too emotional", and needed to get "tougher skin", which all led to a clinical depression that turned into severe anxiety when I reached my late teens/early twenties.

By then, even though I had already began my path as a Witch and was connected to the cycles of the moon and the power of herbs, oils, and crystals, something was still off. I was surrounded by toxic people; I was living a toxic lifestyle, and stuck at a job where I felt like no matter how hard I tried, I wasn't moving forward. I felt lost, lonely, and stuck and my anxiety had turned into full blown panic attacks that would come at random or even by just waking up in the morning. 


So something had to change. 


So the shift happened.


Step-by-step, over the course of a few months, I started making healthy boundaries, limited my exposure to toxic people and situations, but most importantly, I started to regain control of my life. I made new long lasting friends, moved out of my apartment into a nice home where I could have a small garden and be closer to nature. I learned how to bring in money in a way that aligned more with my passions, and started my own business. I got my Reiki certifications, finished my Bachelors of Science degree in Alternative Medicine, and now I am a Certified Reiki Master, Herbalist, and teacher of all things magical and healing. I never dreamed I would actually be working with clients, feeling happy, and doing work that feels good all around.


Finding my soul purpose and truly living it changed my life, so I packaged up everything that I learned into this program so that it could serve you too.  


Welcome to The Nature Boss-Witch 3 month entrepreneur experience!!





  • the empath who has been feeling overwhelmed by life and looking for guidance back to inner peace

  • the spiritual millennial who wants to get paid for her creativity and "never work a day in her life"

  • the soul-seeker looking to get closer to the divine power of Nature and their Higher-Self

  • the sensitive entrepreneur who is looking for the tools to help her better manage her business, mood, and time

  • the spiritual woman who is tired of being unhappy, and ready to finally release her anxiety and/or depression

  • the modern sensitive woman looking to start her own business, find her purpose in this lifetime, and finally become self-sufficient. 


In this program I will teach you how to use your gifts to change the world, attract your tribe, protect yourself from energy vampires, develop/strengthen your intuition, discover psychic abilities, discover your spirit guides, learn how to communicate with them, and so much more. This program is everything that you will need to heal, release, and tap into your inner Boss-Witch, even (especially) as a sensitive empath.












We will meet twice a month for 3 and 1/2 months. You will receive recordings of each session (60-90 minutes) so that you will be able to review the content whenever you need. You will be given personalized homework, meditations, distance reiki healing sessions, flower essence healing, custom spell work, custom rituals, pdfs, journaling prompts, and so much more with each session. I created this program to give you ALL of the tools that you will need to finally show up in the world as who you want to be.


Here is the schedule: 


MONTH ONE: Finding Your Root in The World (Drop the Chaos)

Session 1: 

  1. Uncover your specific brand of empathic gifts. What kind of Empath you are, and how to use this to your advantage (there are 4 types, which are you?)

  2. Investigate your strengths and innate gifts, and how to better translate those gifts into cash.

  3. Identify what’s been holding you back in this lifetime and other lifetimes. We will identify major struggles, where they come from, and the steps to overcome them. 

  4. Learn how to use the flower essence healing modality to address some of the obstacles and limiting thoughts that are hindering your growth (root chakra healing - which heals your money, sense of security, and grounded-ness in life). 

Session 2: 


  1. My 4 step process for protecting yourself from external energies before embracing the day or any social event. 

  2. How to cleanse your energies after you have experienced “emotional overload” and interacted with a lot of people

  3. Learn my daily energetic cleansing practice + take “inventory” of what is not serving you in your current life. Shift.

  4. Long Distance Reiki session with guided meditation to soothe any tough emotions, further open and heal the root chakra, and clear the aura of external energies. 


Month 2: Rediscovering your personal power and natural abundance as an Empath

Session 3: 

  1.  Unearth what is keeping you from embracing and strengthening your personal power (there is a cure to the feelings of powerlessness.)

  2. Discover which specific areas of your past may have caused blocks in this area, and how to heal these memories/your inner child.

  3. Shadow work: discover and heal trauma and/or any negativity from your past that you may be still holding onto. An updated flower essence will be given.

  4. Learn how to activate your natural abundance using your own personalized ritual and healing modality

Session 4:


  1.  We will address the Heart chakra and any ties, blockages, or imbalances that may be present. (This chakra is the source of client attraction and healthy relationships. Let's heal it.)

  2. Become aware of any self-doubt, criticism, and unhealthy ways of being with yourself. 

  3. Learn how to heal self-sabotage with personalized self-love rituals that you can do at home

  4. Learn how to tune into your intuitive/psychic gifts, develop them, and nurture your physical body while doing this spiritual work 


Month 3: The Nature Boss-Witch Is Born - Business for the Empath 2.0

Session 5:


  1.  Find your calling and discover what you want to give back to the world (and how you are going to do it). Final flower essence will be given for support.

  2. Discover who your spirit guides are, and how to communicate with them directly to encourage your continued success and healing. 

  3. We will start creating/shifting your business brand into something that aligns with you and your new path 

  4. Create your personalized business plan, learn how to create profit doing something that you actually love, and discover how to attract and convert your ideal client


Session 6:

  1. Fill out a SMART plan (set goals and timelines to achieve business goals)

  2. Personalized ritual to increase your comfortability and confidence as you launch into your new business

  3. Manifestation work: Get your subconscious mind on board with your newly defined desires so that they manifest, quicker

  4. Release any remaining energetic blocks keeping you from attracting clients/balance/your desires


Month 3: Embody The Quantum Shift


Follow-Up Session


- A counseling 1 on 1 session to discuss any life or business obstacles that need addressing

​- Reiki session if needed to re-charge and balance chakras 



Feeling stuck, sad, and unhappy is not natural to your soul, and your empathy is actually a gift that you can use to not only serve others but to create a life that feels good all around. You were not meant to stay stuck at jobs you hate or feel low and down about yourself.  

You were not made to feel heavy, depressed and unloved. 

You were born to thrive, to know joy, and to create a life that feels abundant and joyful.

You can achieve all this with your empathy, and I want to remind you exactly how to do it. 

The catch: I only work with 6 women at a time, so if anything about this program is calling you, sign up below to discuss how we can work together before the spots run out. I have payment plan options, bonuses, and during our call I can answer all of your questions. 

I can't wait to chat with you.

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You are a Healer

You are a Healer

Discover your healing gifts

Expand your Spirit

Expand your Spirit

Learn how to connect with Source and your Higher Self

Find your Magic

Find your Magic

Activate your personal Power

Connect with Nature

Connect with Nature

Discover Nature's ancient wisdom

Create Balance

Create Balance

Find balance in all aspects of your life

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