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A monthly membership to connect you with the magical spirits of Nature to support you

on your healing journey.


The Plant Spirit Alchemy membership is for empathic souls looking for a deeper connection with themselves, Nature, and Spirit, all while bringing healing to the Shadow-Self and emotional body. 


I created this membership for those who are curious about flower essences and working with plant spirits but do not know where to start. Life is challenging, and sometimes we as humans feel lost, scared, hopeless, sad, confused, or worried about our current situations. Wouldn't it be nice if we had a magical potion that could just make all of that disappear?

Flower essences are like little magical potions that work on the subtle energetic body that promote emotional healing, change, and release, helping you to get back on track and receive the life you deserve. They don't give you what you want, the minute you want it like a magic genie, but instead help you make REAL long-lasting change by showing you that you have the power to grant your own wishes.

Every month, you will receive an intuitively chosen flower essence to match the month's energy, along with an anointing oil and a crystal which you will infuse your intentions into. These items will assist you when we gather for our shamanic journeys on each new moon. The shamanic journeys and dark moon rituals will help you integrate the plant spirits and receive the messages you need to hear at the time. You may experience visuals that are highly symbolic for your healing journey, feelings of unconditional love, hear messages from your guides, or unlock hidden wisdom within your soul. 


What are Flower Essences?

Modern flower essences are a form of homeopathic medicine developed by Dr. Edward Bach, that works on the energetic and emotional body (known as the meridians and the chakras). Flower essences were originally used by many ancient cultures by collecting the morning dew off of flowers, which were believed to carry the energetic imprint of said flower. According to these ancient cultures, dew was considered to contain the Universal Spirit or energy of the Source.

The flower essences I use are collected in a ceremonial way, by communing with each plant and it's spirit. Once permission is given from the plant's spirit, a few of the plant's flowers are gently pinched off into a crystal bowl of spring water, and then left under the sun or moon light for around 4 hours until the plant's essence is infused into the water. The plant material is then removed, and then preserved and ready to be made into flower essence formulas. My suggested dose is 3 drops, 3 times a day, under the tongue or in water. 

Essences are not like a tincture, an essence does not have any physical plant material in them so they are safe to ingest for anybody. Essences only carry the vibrational imprint of the plant, which is why they work so well on the energetic body and the acupuncture meridians. 

I use a combination of different flower essences, poison plant essences, tree essences, crystal essences and more that I made myself or received from other trusted sources. In your membership, you will hear me use the word "plant spirits" interchangeably with flower essences, since we will be using essences of both flowers and non-flowers. 


What you'll get...

Intuitively Chosen Flower Essence

Anointing Oil and spell candle to enhance the month's intention. 

An intuitively chosen crystal to enhance your intentions and spells.

Private forum for connecting with each other & plant spirit information.

Monthly shamanic dark moon rituals & support on your journey.


Lodge of Flowers

Our journey begins on the dark moon in March, where we will enter this lodge to embrace the energies of spring and new beginnings.

Lodge of Light

The next lodge we enter is on the dark moon nearest to the summer solstice. We enter this lodge to allow our light to shine and bring our desires to fruition.

Lodge of Shadows

On the dark moon before Fall Equinox, we enter this lodge to explore the darker aspects of our nature to bring attention to what needs to be healed.

Midwinter Ritual

This is a bonus gathering where we will check in with each other, do a ritual together, and discuss the next cycle of alchemy. 


Plant spirit Alchemy is a 9-month membership beginning with the March Dark Moon and ending on the November Dark Moon. We will gather one more time for Imbolc to discuss the next cycle and what plants you would like to work with.


Once you sign up, you will be prompted to create an account so you can have access to the Plant Spirit Alchemy forum, where you will receive detailed information of your box, monthly personal rituals, and a place to share your experiences.

The deadline to sign up for 2024 enrollment is March 1st.  



With this membership, you also receive 10% off all my services and readings. If you would like to learn more about my one-on-one Flower Essence Therapy, click the "see services" button for more information about it and my other offerings.

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