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Mystic Oils are filled with plant magic and nourishing oils for ritual use, perfuming the body, and anointing the chakras.


Sustainably and ethically-sourced white sage essential oil and leaves are infused for deep spiritual cleansing of negative stagnant energies that may be inhibiting your growth and keeping you in an emotional rut. 


Rose is a powerful healer of the heart. She has a way of gently soothing the areas of the heart that have experienced heartbreak, trauma, neglect, abuse, and more...


Her fragrance is uplifting, comforting, and embodies the scent of beauty.

Rose is a wonderful guide to find self-love and also romantic love.


Areas of anointing: Heart chakra, wrists, and decolletage. 


Ingredients: Jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, Rose Otto essential oil, White sage essential oil, rose buds, white sage leaves, magic.


2oz bottle

White Sage & Rose Mystic Oil

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