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This FREE challenge is for not only Empaths, but also Healers, Witches, and other sensitive souls who need help building a protection practice every morning, and creating evening rituals to re-charge your soul, and cleanse external energies.

​This challenge is for you if...

  1. you feel drained or have low energy after a day at work or out interacting with the world

  2. you feel like you absorb external energies from your environment or other people, where it affects your physical, spiritual, or emotional health

  3. you are looking to deepen your spirituality, strengthen your intuitive abilities, and connect to your higher-Self/Power


Day One:

  • You will learn how to protect yourself energetically before leaving for the day. This tool will protect you from absorbing other people's energies, and from negative external situations that happen around you. 

  • You will learn simple tricks on how to recenter yourself any time of day, and ways to calm down anxious thoughts and feelings while turning it into positive energy.

  • You will learn how to ground yourself at the end of the day and how to work with spiritual allies such as a plant or crystal to deepen your connection with yourself and magical energies. 

Day Two:

  • You will learn how to call in your Spirit Guides for added spiritual protection, and how to communicate with them. 

  • You will learn ways to open your crown chakra and third eye to deepen your intuition and connection to Spirit. 

  • You will learn the basics of intention setting and charging items for magical purposes in alignment with your higher-Self.  

Day Three:

  • On the last day, you will learn ways to increase your own power, so that you can harness it to manifest the things you want. 

  • You will learn how to tap into your creative gifts to promote further healing and increase your intuitive abilities.

  • BONUS: You will receive a PDF of my recommended plants, crystals, and essential oils to use as tools for protection, recharging, and cleansing. 

Enter email below to begin your free 3-day challenge today!

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