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Invoking the Dark Goddess
Class Info

In this class, you will learn about some of the infamous dark Goddesses, such as Lilith, Hecate, The Morrigan, and Sekhmet. We will go over what a Dark Goddess is and how we can work with this archetype to catalyze deep healing and transformation in every aspect of your life. We will end with a shamanic journey to meet your chosen Dark Goddess and an invocation so that you will leave feeling empowered and purposeful.


The exchange is $27 and the class is being held at The Skeleton Key Odditorium in downtown Portland. You will receive the exact address upon check out. Stay tuned for an email about the details of the class after booking.

This class is for beginners and the experienced spiritual practitioner. If you are feeling the call of the Dark Goddess, sign up to my email list below to be the first to know about my course this fall called "Path of the Poison Priestess" where you will journey with the different faces of the Dark Goddess, work with poison flower essences, and be initiated as a shadow priestess.

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