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Yule Darkness and Protection Light Ritual

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

We are officially in the darkest days of the year, where we are more prone to low energies, changes in appetite, low motivation, and feelings of depression or loneliness. This is completely normal! Nature begins to "die" and hibernate, laying dormant until springs comes, bursting with new life. Instead of fighting against it by over-working or getting frustrated with yourself, allow the winter energy to lull you into going within. You are preparing for "new life" come spring so we must rest, eat nourishing foods, spend time with loved ones, and do some inner work by reading, meditating, or communing with Spirit.

Try this simple yet powerful ritual with simple magical tools you probably already have at home!

You will need:

-At least one white or red candle (the more candles the better!)Winter themed foliage (tree branches, pine cones, cranberries, holly, etc)

-Altar or ideal table or spot to place these sacred items

-Optional but good to have is photos (or statues) of loved ones, deities, angels, goddesses, or other personal guides. If you don't know who your guides are, some powerful Winter Deities and Guides of Light are Odin, Frigg, Archangel Michael, Quan Yin, and the Holy Mother.


1. Begin by cleaning your altar or table with the intention to clear away stagnant energies, and to make way for new beginnings, healing, and magic. I like to clean my altar with a spray I make with distilled water, vodka, and essential oils of pine, tea tree, and lavender. 

2. Once you have cleaned your table, put your candle(s) in the middle and surround it with the winter foliage. You can add crystals, incense, and the photos or statues to the corners of the table around the candle(s).

3. Sit for a moment and breathe.

4. Clearing your mind the best you can so you can be a "clean slate" for any intentions. Once you feel like your mind is relaxed enough, light your candle(s).

5. Stare into the flame and feel this light filling up every cell of your being. Then close your eyes and imagine the source of all light from above beaming down upon you creating a bubble of protective light.

6. Stay here for a moment feeling this warm golden light within you and around you. At this time, you may set an intention. This ritual is great for setting healing intentions, or to ask for your guide to make themselves known to you. Whatever it is, say it into your candle(s) and thank your guides and the Source of light for allowing it to already happen.

7. Close your ritual by also thanking yourself, send a blessing to someone or the planet, and say: "As above, so below, as within, so without, on this Winter eve, may this light never go out."

I like to place my candle in a heat proof bowl of water and then let the candle burn out on it's own. If you prefer, you can snuff (not blow out) your candle, but re-light it every night until it is completely burned down.

I hope you enjoyed this ritual! Let me know what you think of it and if you would like more content like this. I love hearing from you all and take every suggestion into account.

Blessed Yule everyone!

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