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Made with the essence of datura, mugwort, fly agaric, and rose.


Datura stramonium flower essence can support you in healing deep wounds of trauma and purifying yourself of negative energies, whether they are coming from external forces or internal forces. Datura can help clean the mind and spirit of toxins through spiritual cleansing. When you feel like you are in a dark hole, Datura spirit can help you bounce back no matter how hard things are.


Fly agaric mushroom essence is used for understanding microcosms and macrocosms when we are stuck in myopic views. It can help people emotionally recover from sexual abuse, emotional pain, rejection, and other insecurities. It can enhance creativity, self-expression, visual art, dance, music, poetry, writing and other valuable arts. Fly agaric can enhance our ability to connect with the sacred, the otherworld, the spirit world, nature, and the ancestors. It is a bridge between worlds. It is the World Tree as a mushroom.


Mugwort flower essence can help you when you are feeling unbalanced, overwhelmed, and over-emotional to the point of hysteria or an anxiety attack. Mugwort helps emotions to flow in and out of us naturally. It is also an excellent flower essence for those whose over-active or nightmare-filled dream life gets in the way of restful sleep. Mugwort is a good aid for people who need help remembering and processing their dreams and those who have a vivid dream life as it helps to integrate your dream self and your physical self into one consciousness.


The rose essence comes from organic rose water to balance the energies of the shadowy plants. Rose holds your hand while you navigate grief, trauma, heartache etc. The beauty of Rose allows you to process your emotions in a graceful way so you can fully alchemize your shadows while finding your way back to the light.


Every essence is made with spring water I collected from Mt. Shasta and preserved with organic cane alcohol and organic vegetable glycerin.


Take 3 drops, 3 times a day to aid you in the shadow work process, as an ally in processing difficult emotions. Take one drop before ritual work, shamanic hourneying, or for dream work.

Shadow Work Essence

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