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Hellebore Plant Spirit & A Ritual for New Beginnings

The Hellebore has a colorful history and folklore as a magical yet poisonous plant. Historically, the Greeks once used hellebore as chemical warfare, and medieval Europe used hellebore along with other poisonous plants on their blades during battle to poison their enemies.

Like many poisonous plants, hellebore is also attributed to medicinal and magical properties. Hellebore was used in cursing or banishing spells and used for "cloaking" spells so sorcerers were able to move about unseen by their enemies. Doctors used hellebore to "cure" illnesses thought to be brought on by witchcraft.

Hellebore is also known as the Christmas Flower because it can grow around Christmas time but can be seen popping up around mid-winter through the beginning of spring.

Hellebore plant spirit helps us process sorrow and grief while ushering us into peace and acceptance. Because hellebore pops up during the middle of winter, this plant spirit reminds us that the darkest days are behind us and to step forward with renewed light and optimism.

Working with the hellebore plant spirit can also help you strengthen your boundaries, release old beliefs, release resentments held in the heart, and support you while addressing your greatest fears.

Hellebore Ceremony for New Beginnings:

To prepare for your ritual, you can purchase a hellebore flower essence or find a hellebore plant at your local plant store. If you have hellebore growing in your neighborhood or garden you can perform your ritual next to the plant without picking it. Remember, it is poisonous, so do not handle the plant too much; use caution.

Ground and center yourself with mindful breathing and visualize yourself connecting with the earth below you.

Call in the plant spirit of Hellbore or take 1 drop of the hellebore flower essence under your tongue.

Take a breath and connect to the plant spirit by placing one or both hands over your heart and feel the presence of the plant spirit.

Once you feel Hellebore's spirit, say the following invocation:

"I call on the spirit of Hellebore to help me release the darkness of winter. I ask thee to guide me into the light so I can make peace with my situation and move forward. And so it is."

Sit in meditation for as long as it feels good to you to receive any messages from the hellebore plant spirit. Write down any messages, feelings, or visuals that you experience during your meditation in a grimoire or journal.

Thank the plant spirit of Hellebore for their presence and guidance before you end your rituals.

I recommend lighting a candle at the end to activate your intentions and to bring light into the rest of your day.

If you would like to join my free online LIVE Hellebore plant spirit ritual, RSVP below to join:

Blessed be!

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