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How I Healed with Flower Essences

As an Empath, I've sought out emotional and spiritual support for over 15 years with little to no relief from symptoms that doctors couldn't understand or know how to help me with. As a teen I went through four different kinds of anti-depressants and anxiety drugs, female hormone drugs, and years of therapy. Nothing worked.

I began doing health research on my own, went on a vegan diet, and started seeing alternative medicine doctors and switched to plant-based medicine. That is when I started to see a shift. 

Years later, while getting my Alternative Medicine degree, I discovered the world of Flower Essences. 

Flower Essences are a gentle form of plant spirit medicine that works with the energetic body to bring balance to your mind, body, and spirit.

Flower Essences can help ease tough emotions and feelings that might be stuck in the body, causing mental or physical discomfort. These feelings may include anxiety, depression, stress, stagnation, fatigue, hopelessness, overwhelm, disconnect, and more.

Flower Essences help with healing the root cause of these emotions all while increasing your sense of self-worth, overall well-being, and your connection with your higher self and soul-purpose.

Flower Essences helped me understand my emotions, where they were coming from, and how to fully heal, and I want to share the magic of Flower Essences with you!

If you are curious how a Flower Essence Session goes, it's similar to a therapy session but we not only talk about mental blockages, we talk through spiritual blockages in a more wholistic approach. Having a session with me, we discuss your obstacles and then possible solutions. These solutions range from chakra meditations, rituals, readings, mantras, yoga or other forms of exercise, intuitive nutrition coaching, crystal therapy, aromatherapy, and/or other natural forms of healing. After our 1-hour session, I will blend a custom Flower Essence to meet the needs we spoke about and mail it to you if we are doing distance sessions.

I am offering a sliding scale of $75 - $195 per session and I also offer package deals as well.

I am also open do doing a trade for services. I am always looking for massage therapy, facials, pet sitters, homegrown veggies or fresh herbs, and seamstresses.

You can book online through this link: Or you can email me if you have any questions about the sessions, my journey, or flower essences themselves.  I also am doing free consultation calls to see if flower essence therapy is right for you! Book free consultation under Empath Discovery Call at

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